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Who should consider a BOP?

  • Your business has a physical location.
  • There is a possibility of you getting sued.
  • You have assets that can get stolen or damaged.

A business owner policy can be great for your business if your wanting more options for coverages that are specific to running a location based business. General Liability, property and Defense costs are typically included in a policy like this.

The Difference

A business owners policy is different from your usual stand alone General liability. A business owners policy is geared more to a business owner that has a property they either own or they are renting from. Some that have a home based business can benefit from this type of insurance as well since it does have more coverages then your typical general liability policy. Not only does this combine your GL & Property but it offers a wider range of protection with enhanced features such as: Cyber liability, Employee Dishonesty coverage, Hired non owned auto coverage, Equipment Breakdown and more!! 

Most small business owners have a desire to grow their businesses and take it to the next level. That’s why so many people are starting businesses today. But, with so much growth often comes challenges and new risks. Business owners need ways to protect their operations before it’s too late. A business owner policy can help you secure your future as an entrepreneur by safeguarding your business interests, assets, liabilities, and relationships in case of an emergency or extreme financial loss. A good business owner policy will set up clear expectations and responsibilities for all stakeholders of your company. This will help keep you focused on running your business rather than worrying about the ins and outs of policies, procedures, paperwork and red tape.

What does this do for me? 

Business owners need specialized insurance to protect their company, its operations and its assets from financial risks. This can include covering potential liabilities like business interruption or criminal investigation costs. Business owners who are incorporated in the United States as a sole proprietorship must have a business policy instead of an insurance policy. A business owners policy is also called a BOP. It’s similar to general liability but it includes a lot more specific insurance benefits to the physical business and interruptions that can come from a loss. 

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